This Is [Unfortunately Not] the End [of Rape Jokes]

Today, my wife and I went to see This Is the End, a movie where a number of movie stars play themselves during the apocalypse. I did laugh at a few scenes, but for the most part, the humor felt tired and stale, just like one of the first lines in the movie, in which paparazzi tell Seth Rogan that he plays the same character in every movie.

The biggest issue I have with the movie was the over abundance of rape jokes. Rape jokes are not funny, they perpetuate the culture that rape is a joking matter, and they lighten the whole issue. Everyone has the right to say what they will, and I have the option to not watch/listen, but I think everyone also a little responsibility - responsibility to help stop perpetuating this plague of a problem.

In this movie, here are the rape references:

  1. The scared man outside might want to rape or "titty rape" the guys
  2. The guys "titty raping" each other as they fight about ejaculating all over the house
  3. The scene where they argue over who might be thinking about, or who might be more likely to rape Emma Watson
  4. The scene where the devil rapes Jonah Hill in his sleep
  5. The scene where Danny Mcbride has made Channing Tatum his "bitch" indicating that he anal rapes Tatum whenever he wants
  6. The confession by James Franco that he date raped an inebriated Lindsay Lohan.

Take a look at some stats. Two hundred thousand people are sexually assaulted every year.

Rape isn't funny. This won't be the last movie with rape jokes, and they'll continue in speech, in stand-up, and in competitive banter and trash talk. I don't take part, and I hope you all would consider this next time. It hits a little closer to home when you are or are close to a victim.