About Me

About Me

My name is Xander Dumaine. I want to help people be better people, and help software help people be better people. I believe in equality and diversity in all things. I climb rocks, read books, write code, and ride bikes.


I'm currently working on full stack web development using TypeScript, React, and AWS Lambda+Dynamo+more, while maintaining a ReactNative mobile application and its build+release pipeline. I also contribute to our CI/CD pipeline for full stack deployments (Web UIs/Lambdas/Monitors) and application telemetry (logging and analytics).

I've authored or contributed to a number of projects in MyPureCloud (by Genesys) such as iframe-screenshare and webrtc-troubleshooter, among others.

I contributed to SimpleWebRTC and some of the oTalk modules. I also have a series of projects and miscellaneous adventures.

I did an interview podcast with UC Buyer about WebRTC in contact centers.


Here are some of my technical posts:

More about me

Since I've already graduated from college and working full time, I'm trying to improve my skills by working exploring new frameworks, languages, and projects.

I'm currently a Principal Software Engineer at a company called LifeOmic, where I'm working on full-stack web development with TypeScript, React (+Native), AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Terraform, and more.

I like writing modular, reusable components, SMACCS (LESS/SASS), and focusing on building accessibility-minded HTML. I put a large focus on code review for maintainability, standards, and accessibility.

At my previous position at Genesys, I worked extensively with WebRTC and JavaScript. I worked with a variety of open source tools and libraries, mainly Ember.js, Node, WebRTC, and lots of other web technologies and projects.

In my free time, I'm currently exploring woodworking and CNC machining.

I'm on the web:

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