Things I've Made

Things I've Made
Queen size bed; cedar and fir lumber, and cedar timber
My dad's urn; black walnut with maple inlay
Tongue-and-groove accent wall with custom sconces; olive wood
Balance beam for charity, childrens' playground; three 12' 6"x6" sections mortised onto cemented footers.
Six matching mini-urns for family to hold some of my dad; sapele
A simple shelf, made with my dad; red oak
India magnet for a coworker's grandmother who made me a home made Indian lunch; bloodwood, CNC
Acorn squash
Nintendo Switch cartridge stand; sapele, CNC. Also pictured: Aluminum logos from Skyrim and Breath of the Wild
A simple toy, for my second son, Aries; black walnut and rock maple
Apple Watch and iPhone stand; black walnut and hard maple, CNC
A toddler bed with shelves, for my first son, Atlas; cedar
Double doors for my workshop; Pine solid and ply
Workshop under my back deck
Interior of workshop build, while in-progress
A simple spoon, for sea salt; canarywood
Matching phone and headphone stands; red elm
Dice box; black walnut
Noble Muscadine wine, from hand-picked, hand-pressed grapes, aged on white oak cubes
Big bookshelf for binders, textbooks, and craft supplies, for my wife; southern yellow pine
Wacky rocking foot stool; English walnut and white oak
Wood enclosure for wireless charger for engaged couple; padauk and maple, CNC
Toilet training stool for my son; red oak
Engagement jewelry dish for a friend; cherry and rock maple, CNC
Lego table for my son; white oak
Matching kitchen boxes for cooking utensils and oil; red oak and walnut
Picture frame; white oak and walnut
Decorative wine bottle stand; maple and black walnut
2x4 Bench; southern yellow pine
Jewelry dish for my wife; red oak and purpleheart, CNC
County map of North Carolina; black walnut, maple, red oak, and poplar on pine, CNC
The loves of my life; collab with my wife of 12 years (also no small feat).