Practicar Español

Mi esposa habla español muy bien. Ella es una maestra a la escuela de Ravenna. Estoy practicando hablar y escribir español. Yo sé un poco palabras. Nosotros practicamos hablar español cuando nosotros comemos cenar. Español es muy difícil para mí, porque yo estudié Alemania en escuela.

Blogging is about sharing your ideas and knowledge, as well as practicing your writing. So I figured I’d try a (small) blog post in Spanish as practice. For those who don’t speak it, the translation is:

My wife speaks Spanish very well. She is a teacher at Ravenna high school. I am practicing speaking and writing in Spanish. I know few words. We practice speaking Spanish when we eat dinner. Spanish is very difficult for me, because I studied German in school.

I don’t doubt that there are grammatical errors, but I’m working on it! I’m almost sold on the version of Rosetta Stone that works on iPad – I think the medium is perfect for that sort of content and interaction. Being able to relax while doing it, instead of being tied to a computer, would be incredible.