Passions and Tools

I'm of the (unpopular) opinion that being excited about the framework or platform you're using as the focal point of the work you're doing, you're focused on the wrong thing. People are going nuts about Ember and React, .NET coming to Mac, Rails or Django. All of these are just tools.

What I'd rather see people excited about are what they're building with them. The problem with this is usually that it's too broad or too ephemeral. Titles like UI Developer or Java Developer don't tell you anything, and anything more specific just tells you what projects they're currently working on.

I'd rather a candidate tell me "I'm a Payments and Business Operations developer, working with Ember" than "I'm an Ember developer working on a payments app. Would you like a carpenter who says "I use a hammer to build houses" or a carpenter who says "I build houses. Sometimes I use a hammer."?

Tell me where your passions and goals lie. Then tell me how you accomplish them.

I'm a WebRTC developer. I'm currently using javascript and Ember.