jQuery Mobile vs Kendo UI

August 21, 2012 // Tagged in: technology, software, mobile

For the past couple of months, I’ve been developing cross-platform apps using PhoneGap. In this, I’ve been using jQuery Mobile as the client framework, tied with knockout.js. Knockout makes dynamic client side web applications extremely simple much cleaner and easier with an MVVM style design in javascript.

For the sake of being aware of the other options available for mobile frameworks, I checked out Kendo UI mobile from Telerik (I chose to check out Telerik’s mobile framework because my company already has licenses for Telerik products anyway). Here’s what I discovered about Kendo UI mobile:

Overall, I think it’s probably a wash in terms of quality of Kendo UI mobile vs jQuery Mobile + Knockout. Having already invested a significant amount of time into learning and becoming familiar with the patterns and syntaxes of jQuery Mobile and Knockout.js, there are no benefits that are significant enough to merit the switch. However, at the rate that mobile frameworks are being updated and improved, it is worth keeping an eye on Kendo UI and others (like Sencha Touch and jQTouch), and reevaluating in the future.