Hangboard Sessions

For a while, I've just been doing general training on my hangboard. I recently listened to a HanselMinutes podcast with Audrey Sniezek. Audrey is a program manager at Microsoft on the Azure team, and is an amazing climber. Needless to say, I'm impressed and inspired. After clicking through the links from the podcast and her blog, I found "Audrey’s 10 minute Fingerboard workout." I haven't done the workout yet (update 12/12: it's hard, but awesome), but there's some pretty interesting ideas in there that I'm excited to try, particularly the Typewriter Pull-ups and Off-set Pull-ups. I've never done Typewriter Pull-ups, but I have done Off-set. I'm excited to try all these and combine them into the workout she's laid out. It's also cool to see that her hangboard workout involves push ups, which I generally do anyway.