Going Over the Edge

This fall, I'll be taking a big rappel - 300+ feet from the top of the Wells Fargo building in downtown Raleigh.

This is a fundraiser for the Special Olympics. I love rock climbing and rappelling, so this is an exciting chance to raise some money for a great cause. To participate, I have to raise $1000 by the event (October 4th), but my goal is $1500. If anyone is willing to donate, I'd be very grateful! Even better, if anyone wants to join me in the rappel (any managers who were disappointed that they couldn't rappel?), we can start a team!

There's more information at the link below, and a link to my fundraising page. As a bonus, here are a couple pictures I took while on a 100' climb/rappel on Pilot Mountain this past weekend.

My Fundraising Page, and Event Info for Over The Edge, NC