I'm raising $4000 for the San Francisco HIV Foundation and cycling 545 miles to do it.

Every year, thousands of cyclists raise money to fight HIV and ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles as a part of the AIDS/LifeCycle. Unfortunately every year, thousands of more people are infected with HIV.

545 miles is greater than five times the longest distance that I've ever ridden a bike. It'll be one of the most physically and mentally challenging things that I'll do. But it's nothing compared to the challenges faced by people with HIV every single day of their lives. HIV is a preventable disease, but it takes education, research, and outreach to help prevent it. For those already infected, it's a lifetime of costs and challenges.

Hope is in the form of research and assistance. Developing new treatments and drugs can help ease and elongate the lives of those infected. Education and assistance can help prevent the spread of the disease. I'm fortunate enough to not have to face these challenges on a daily basis, so I'm doing what I can to help those who do face them. But I need your help.

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