United States Government Offenses - Issue 1

June 07, 2017 // Tagged in: us-governement-offenses

United States Government Offenses - Issue 1 - 2017-06-07 - Alexander Dumaine

Editor's Notes:

President Trump Attempts to Control and Influence the Director of the FBI

Senate Intelligence Document from former FBI Directory James Comey detailing the conversations with Trump, in which Trump attempts to pressure the Director of the FBI into being "loyal" to the him, and pressuring him to drop criminal investigations that could be negative to the president or his administration.


These actions are counter to core American values and Federal law. See 18 U.S. Code § 1510 - Obstruction of criminal investigations.

I urge you, as an American, to speak out against the offenses of President Trump, regardless of whether you continue to support him. The only way political stability can be reached is when we do not fight over party lines, but over the lines of right and wrong. These actions are clearly wrong, and I hope you'll be a defender of American values by calling out the wrongs of our fallible political leaders.

Dissent is patriotic. It shows that you want things to be better. Dissenting against a leader you support shows that you want that leader to improve. Be a part of difficult discussions - discussions wherein you admit that a leader you support has done things wrong and should publicly make amends, in addition to correcting future behavior.

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